“[When the] ..the Ancient Egyptians died.. the guards of the afterlife, asked them two questions. Their answers determined whether they were able to travel on. Have you found joy in your life ?
Has your life brought joy to others?”

Morgan Freeman

The Ancient Egyptian knew the joy that flowers brought and even attributed the Lotus Flower with creation. When Pharaohs Phlowers started the idea was to capture and bring the joy of flowers to everyone for longer. There are many companies drying, chemically preserving, and pressing flowers. At Pharaohs Phlowers we wanted to appreciate the beauty and share the essence of flowers, which have been in design for millions of years – while keeping the shape and colour as near as possible to the original.

The first flower appeared on earth between 250 million and 140 million years ago. Flowers are fragile structures that only in the luckiest of circumstances can be transformed into fossils.

( University of Sterling, 2017).

We use a drying medium that is similar to desert sand and the effect is to dry slowly, therefore withdrawing the moisture from the flowers and leaves; so that the shape and colour are preserved. This process is similar to how the blue flowers found in Pharaohs Tomb of Ancient Egypt were able to keep their colour for some 4000 years. Our process gradual process and involves no machines and chemicals but only time and patience.

4000 years ago when the Pharaohs of Egypt were laid to rest and the priests sealed the tombs the last thing they did, after placing the gold, silver and Lapis lazuli, the last act was to scatter some beautiful flowers. The ancient Egyptians of course believed that life itself had come from a flower. (See Blog Here)

The Bee and Us

The bee is included in our logo because it has a history The bee is the symbol of Manchester and this city of industry is rightly proud of its link with the hard-working insect. In 1842, the early city fathers had to decide on a coat of arms that would tell the world who we were. It was a Victorian branding exercise. They included a globe with seven bees to show how we worked and traded across the seven seas. The Manchester bee was born of industry.

He of the Sedge and the Bee

We are a small home based craft business located on the edge of Manchester where the beauty of flowers are hand preserved with the care and attention that Ancient Egyptians gave to their most precious flora.

Manchester has long been associated with the ‘worker bee’ but as long ago as 3500BC the Ancient Egyptians also used the bee as a symbol of the King of Egypt. Bees were always associated with royalty and without them there would be no flowers. We treat our flowers as though they are royalty.

“This god crieth out to their souls after he hath entered the city of the gods who are on their sand, and there are heard the voices of those who are shut in this circle which are like [the hum] of many bees of honey when their souls cry out” to Ra.”

Salt Magical Papyrus
The Papyrus Salt 124 is an ancient Egyptian papyrus dating to the beginning of the 20th Dynasty.

Our flowers are naturally droed using no electricity of chemicals and are available in our online shop and are available to buy for display or for your craft projects. We preserve Individual flowers for use in resin art and other uses.Our flowers while delicate should be treated the same was as delicately pressed flowers and have the form and feel of lightweight paper or tissue paper. If you have a particular flower that you would like preserved commissions are accepted.

Our Story

After traveling in Africa and being lucky enough to visit the Countries Of Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda in 2003 and completing a degree in International Development with Social Science I was fascinated by the history and diversity of nature and the customs and beliefs associated with flowers.

With experience in art and design and floristry I wanted to find a way of extending the life of flowers as art and looked for an environmentally sound process to dry without destroying the colour and shape of flowers.

In 2020 Pharaohs Phlowers was started to preserve and prolong the wonder and beauty of flowers. After research I settled on our present process which includes a natural silica sand, time and patience in the manner of Ancient Egypt to give flowers an afterlife.

While their are many companies that dry flowers and as many ways of trying to preserve their beauty at Pharaohs Phlowers we believe small is beautiful and beautiful is worth preserving.

“When Ra weeps again the water which flows from his eyes upon the ground turns into working bees. They work in flowers and trees of every kind and wax and honey come into being.”

Salt Magical Papyrus

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